Patient Reviews

Orange County Dentist Reviews

Dr. Johnson is very professional and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain everything thoroughly and make recommendations for the very best dental and oral health, not just whatever is cheapest or a quick fix. His evaluation was thorough and honest. I have been to his office at least four times and have been very pleased with the friendliness of his staff and the overall experience.
~ Janni K.

Dr Johnson is a great dentist. He easily has the best “bed side manner” of any dentist I’ve been to. He was incredibly friendly and personable. When I went in, my xrays showed that I had a small spot on a tooth that didn’t look like much. Dr Johnson took the time to look into it further instead of just telling me to come back in 6 months. It was a good thing too because once he drilled into the tooth it was full of “gunk”. If I had waited to get it looked at, I would have for sure needed a root canal! I’m glad to have a dentist who is attentive and knows what he is doing.
~ Jared C

I was very impressed with Dr. Johnson’s professionalism. He was very thorough and spent the time to explain all my options. I know that he truly cares for his patients and is very knowledgeable. I felt very at ease with him, which in my past experiences hasn’t been the case. I highly recommend Dr Johnson and his friendly staff to anyone looking for a dentist.
~ Lori M.

I went to Dr. Johnson not knowing what to expect. I usually have to wait at the dentist’s office for an extended period of time, but had absolutely no wait-time at his office. Dr. Johnson was very thorough and clearly explained what he found after my examination. He also explained in detail the options I have going forward. He is always professional and personable and I would recommend him to anyone in need of dental work! Thanks Dr. Johnson.
~ Marvin K.

I am a senior girl and have been to many dentists. Dr. Johnson is the best I have chosen over the years. His knowledge and expertise is top notch. He is very professional, kind and concerned for your comfort and personal dental health. I have confidence and trust in Dr. Johnson and all he is doing to help me have a healthy mouth and beautiful smile. I recommend him and his staff to everyone. They truly are in tune with making you feel at ease in their care.
~ Dianne P.