Advanced Dental Technology

Advanced Dental Technology

Carestream 8100 3D CMCT – 3D Imaging

3D imaging is used to efficiently plan for orthodontic treatments, dental implants, root canals, and dental surgeries. Our in-office 3D Imaging advanced technology provides a clear picture of gums, teeth and other structures. As a result, a more complete diagnosis can be made and a more efficient and comfortable treatment plan can be determined. Treatment to restore your smile can be delivered more quickly, comfortably, and precisely.

CEREC® Dental Restoration Milling

You’ll be confident in your smile with CEREC®. This advanced dental technology allows us to restore your teeth back to their natural beauty and strength with less appointments and a reduced amount of time between visits. Crowns, veneers and dental implants are milled in our office and are metal-free, tooth colored, and long lasting. A 3-dimensional image will be taken of the tooth that needs to be restored with a digital camera. The computer and CEREC® 3D software will produce a three-dimensional virtual model of the prepared tooth from the digital image. Then, the in-office milling unit is used to create a custom restoration for your tooth. Once the restoration is ready, Dr. Johnson will polish it and is able to restore your smile quickly, efficiently and comfortably.

SOL® Soft Tissue Dental Laser

We had our patients’ comfort in mind when we invested in a SOL® Soft Tissue Diode Dental Laser. This advanced dental technology allows Dr. Johnson to perform dental procedures with precision resulting in minimal gum bleeding and decreased postoperative sensitivity providing an exceptional level of dental care to our patients. Laser dentistry means less invasive surgical procedures, and quicker, less painful recovery. The SOL® Laser also increases the number of treatments we can perform in our practice so we can confidently meet your dental health needs.