Dental Implants

Quality Dental Implants in Orange County

Dental implants are the most predictable, long-term solution for replacing missing and severely broken-down teeth. Whether repairing a single tooth or multiple teeth, implants can restore one’s smile and ability to chew in the most conservative manner possible.

Traditional means to replace missing teeth often require a significant alteration of perfectly good adjacent teeth to properly anchor the new substitute tooth. Dental implants, on the other hand, do not require this because they are supported entirely on their own.


Implants are made from titanium, and are placed in the jaw bone to mimic the roots of the natural tooth. This requires that there be a sufficient amount of bone in the recipient site to give the implant maximum stability. However, if there is not enough bone, this may be overcome with a bone grafting procedure.

After a period of healing, typically three to four months, a permanent abutment and tooth are fabricated and attached to the implant. The crown matches your existing teeth to restore your beautiful smile and chewing ability. If you are concerned about living with a missing a tooth, don’t worry! We can provide a temporary crown for you to wear during the healing time, so that the procedure will go unnoticed.

Dr. Johnson understands that careful planning and skillful execution is needed to achieve optimum results. He is committed to making this experience as pleasant and seamless as possible. He works with some of the finest and successful pioneers in the field of implant dentistry, and is dedicated to keeping up with the rapidly evolving technology and techniques. He attends a quarterly interdisciplinary study club so that he can provide his patients with consistent, beautiful implant dentistry.